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Himalayan Salt Foot Detoxification Blocks

If you have ever used Himalayan salt foot detoxification blocks, you have first hand evidence of their benefits on the body.  These blocks when warmed can relax the body and mind, remove impurities from your body gently, soften your feet and treat callouses and promote a general feeling of well being.   They can also be […]


Himalayan Sea Salt Shot Glasses – Tequila Anyone!

Himalayan Sea Salt shot glasses are the perfect addition to your bar supplies.  The are crafted from the purest salt on earth, pink salt from the Himalayan Mountains.  These sea salt shot glasses are perfect for Tequila!  No need for that messy salt, just add a lime wedge and serve.  They give the perfect amount […]


How to Make a Himalayan Salt Brine

A Himalayan salt brine also known as Salt Sole is very easy to make and you can use it for bathing or also drinking.  About a teaspoon of salt brine a day on a consistent basis has many health benefits. Contrary to popular belief, salt is not bad for you.  Himalayan salt is the purest […]


Benefits Of a Himalayan Salt Bath

There are many benefits of a Himalayan salt bath, from cosmetic, to health and relaxation. Salt baths have been used for centuries by the ancients. Salt baths were used in Egypt and Rome it became popular in Asia and Japan and was referred to as ritualized bathing and spas were opened with bathing as the […]