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Homemade Sea Salt Body Scrub Recipe

Why spend $15.00 or more on a body scrub that only last a month or so when you can make your own homemade sea salt body scrub in unlimited amounts for a lot less. It’s simple and takes less than five minutes to do. I often make them in batches and then I always have […]


Cooking Steak on a Himalayan Salt Block

Tonight I will be cooking steak on a Himalayan Salt Block. Seriously, since I discovered cooking on a salt block, I rarely do it any other way. In the summer months I use it on the grill but tonight, I will be doing it in my kitchen as it’s winter here. I will be using […]


Cooking On Himalayan Salt Blocks- 5 Must Knows

There are some basic must knows about cooking on Himalayan salt blocks. For starters many are concerned about it making the food too salty. If you know the basics of Himalayan salt block cooking you don’t have to worry about that. Below are 5 things that you simply must know for cooking on a salt […]