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Get Beach Waves for Straight Hair with Sea Salt Hair Spray

I have super straight hair, as in not a bend in it. I have discovered that you can get beach waves for straight hair using a sea salt hairspray. You can buy this or you can do like I do and make it yourself. Those with curly hair have it easy. They can just spray […]


Benefits of Himalayan Salt Foot Bath

While I take full body Himalayan Salt baths pretty regularly, until last night I had never just soaked my feet in a Himalayan Salt foot bath. I confess it wasn’t quite as blissful as a full body soak, but it was pretty blissful. I had also made a scrub prior to my soak out of […]


Himalayan Salt Deodorant Bar – A Natural Alternative

If you are searching for an all natural alternative to store bought antiperspirants and deodorants,  a Himalayan salt deodorant bar is a perfect solution.  Himalayan salt used as deodorant kills odor causing bacteria without any chemicals or additives. Deodorants bought in the commercial marketplaces contain Aluminum which is a metal.  It actually blocks your pores […]