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Why You Need a Himalayan Salt Lamp in Your Baby’s Room

Himalayan Salt Lamps have a soothing, calming light and they work perfectly for your baby’ room or nursery.  There are also many that swear by the health benefits as well. This light omits a warm pinkish or orange glow, much like a sunset.  You may also enjoy a Himalayan Salt Lamp when you have to […]


Beware of Fake Himalayan Salt Lamps – Zero Benefit in Fake

Due to the growing popularity, Fake Himalayan Salt lamps are popping up everywhere.  Less than honest manufactures and businesses are capitalizing on this hot new trend. Himalayan salt lamps are not only beautiful decor pieces, they have many health benefits and the buyer demand is growing rapidly.  This often opens the door to scammers and […]


Himalayan Salt for Horses-Your Horse and Salt!

Is Himalayan Salt for Horses a better option than the usual processed salts that are usually given to them?  Many horse lovers think so and swear that their horses prefer them.  Salt is important for horses, this we do know.  If you are into all natural, Himalayan salt for horses is the way to go. […]