Cooking On Himalayan Salt Blocks- 5 Must Knows

There are some basic must knows about cooking on Himalayan salt blocks. For starters many are concerned about it making the food too salty. If you know the basics of Himalayan salt block cooking you don’t have to worry about that. Below are 5 things that you simply must know for cooking on a salt block. You can use your pink Himalayan salt block for grilling, stovetop or in the oven.

1. What size Himalayan Salt Block do I need for cooking

First it should be at least 1 1/2 inch thick, but preferably 2. Mine is 8×8 which holds about 2 steaks or 3 pieces of fish. If you typically feed more people, you may want a one that is a bit bigger like the 12x8x2 salt blocks.  For even larger gatherings you can get a 16x8x2 Salt Block Remember these are heavy and the bigger the more difficult it may be to work with.

2. How to Heat your Himalayan Salt Block .

Salt blocks have moisture in them due to the pureness of them. They must be heated slowly. If you heat it too quickly, it will crack and break. Place it in the oven on about 200. Gradually turn up the heat in the oven until you reach about 450. In essence, you are preheating the block. You can also do this on the stove top starting on low and slowly turning up the heat.

If you are grilling, I suggest you preheat it in the oven while your grill is getting hot or while you are prepping the food. If you must warm it on the grill, place it to the side away from the heat. If you have a gas grill, just ignite one burner and place it to the side that is not lit. If charcoal, perhaps the top shelf of the grill with the grill left open.

3. Get your Himalayan Salt Block hot, really hot

Your salt block needs to be really hot, as in about 500 degrees. This causes searing of the food and an outer crust to form and keeps the salt from seeping into the food and being over salty. Many who have experience food being too salty on a salt block simply haven’t gotten it hot enough and end up just marinating the food in salt.

A way to test if it is hot enough is to drop a bit of water onto it. If it sizzles, dances and disappears instantly, it’s hot enough!

4. Do you need oil to cook on Himalayan Salt Blocks

This really does depend on what you are cooking and mainly I am thinking steak. If your cut of meat has little fat, you want to rub it down with some peanut oil or other high temp resistant oil. Fat creates a barrier between the meat and the salt block, preventing over saltiness. If you have a really lean cut such as sirloin, I would rub it down in a bit of oil. It if is a more marbled cut such as a Ribeye, the fat in the meat will create it’s own natural barrier.

When cooking fish or any type of seafood, I always give it a light coat of oil.

I must mention here one huge benefit of grilling on a salt block. The flames can’t come up and burn your food because the salt block is between the flames and the food. When the fat drips off the block, the flames don’t burn your food up. This is great when cooking chicken with the skin on. How many times have you totally burnt the skin of chicken?

5. Protect Yourself when cooking on Himalayan Salt Blocks

They are heavy and they are hot. A simple dish towel will not do it. I found this out the hard way carrying mine into the house from the grill. I had to turn around run like a maniac half way to the door and put it back on the grill. Ouch. Get a silicone gloves please. I have since bought a salt plate holder from Amazon that makes moving it around so much easier. Trust me you don’t want to drop this block on your toes.

Cooking on Himalayan Salt blocks is divine. You need little seasoning and this pure exotic salt brings out and accentuates the natural flavor of foods. I buy all of my Himalayan salt blocks here at the Himalayan Salt Shop.


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    I have got to get a Himalayan salt block for cooking. Sounds so intriguing. I am totally into anything that makes my food healthier, richer and more flavorful.

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    I’m going to try a Himalayan salt block! Sounds like a healthy idea!

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