Present Cold Food on a Salt Block!

Himalayan Salt blocks or as some call them bricks or plates, make a wonderful serving plate for cold food or appetizers.  They say presentation is everything and that is putting it mildly when serving food on a salt block.

Himalayan Salt blocks are anti-microbial and anti bacterial. Not only are they beautiful serving platters, but the deliver the benefits of pure Himalayan salt with no preservatives or additives.  When food like Sushi is served on a salt platter, it takes on a gourmet, yet delicate flavor that you won’t forget.

If you are hosting a dinner party or a romantic evening for two, Himalayan salt blocks will Wow your guests.  You simply chill them in the refrigerator or freezer for a few hours before hand.  They make an excellent platter for fruits, vegetables, cheeses and of course a favorite of many, Sushi!

Sushi On A Himalayan Salt Block!

Speaking of Sushi, I can’t think of a better way to serve it.  Putting fish on a salt block is a bit like returning it to it’s natural element of the sea.  If allowed to remain in contact with the salt, a natural semi curing occurs, adding a light and delicate hint of salt.  A Himalayan salt block really compliments foods like Sushi or Sashimi!

food on a salt block

Salmon or other foods can be cured with a salt block also known as Gravlax.  You can find many recipes and directions on how to do this here.

Serve Deserts on A Himalayan Salt Block!

Another fabulous way to impress your guest with food on a salt block is to serve your deserts on it after a meal.  Whip up your favorite sorbets or custards and pour them over the frozen salt block.  This will give your desert a lite hint of saltiness that is a delight to the taste buds.

These are my favorite for serving cold appetizers on a chilled salt block.


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So as you can see, Himalayan Salt Blocks are not just for cooking.  Cold food on a salt block is just simply Divine!

I highly suggest you buy at least two salt blocks.  One for serving and one for cookingCleanup of these blocks is simple.  You can just rinse them quickly and dry with a towel or wipe down with a damp clothDo not place them in the dishwasher.  They are made of salt and they will be gone when you to remove them.

You can find the finest quality salt blocks by clicking on the link below to the Himalayan Salt shop!


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  1. My mom cooks food on a salt block all the time, I remember wondering what the heck she was doing! lol Like you said, it’s not just for cooking either, she just puts her cold food items on it too. I’m going to get her another one for her birthday, and possibly one of the salt lamps because she doesn’t have one of those yet.

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