Grilling Salmon on a Himalayan Salt Block Recipe

I love Salmon and I grill it often, but I have wanted to try it grilling Salmon on a Himalayan Salt Block.  A few weeks ago, I ordered myself one from the Himalayan Salt Shop here and set out to see if it was any difference in just grilling it in a normal way.  I must say it was absolutely delicious so I am inclined to share exactly how I did this.  It had a unique mild salty flavor, very different from your standard table salt.  It just melted in my mouth and was a huge hit at my house.

I also grilled a side of fresh pineapple.  It was an excellent compliment to the savory salmon steaks.  Below is my recipe for marinating and basting the 4 nice sized salmon steaks.

grilling salmon on a himalayan salt blockMarinade for Salmon Cooked on a Salt Block

In a measuring cup:

1/4 cup of olive oil or sesame seed oil

1/4 cup of low sodium soy (lower in saltiness)  You don’t need more salt

2 teaspoons brown sugar

* Teriyaki sauce is also delicious in this recipe.

Stir it together.  You can heat it in the microwave for about 30 seconds to dissolve the sugar.  This is your marinade.

I spread this over the Salmon with a silicone basting brush and put in refrigerator to marinade while I lite the grill and get my Himalayan salt block ready.

How To Heat Your Salt Block For Grilling!

When grilling Salmon on a Himalayan salt block you don’t want to heat the Himalayan salt block to quickly.  It is delicate and can break apart if exposed to extreme heat too fast.  That being said, you don’t want to put it on the grill as soon as you lite the charcoal.  I do use charcoal and not a gas grill though this can be done on a gas grill.  Usually about 15 minutes is about right.

If you have a top rack, place the block on the top rack and close the grill to heat the salt block thoroughly.  .This takes about another 15 minutes.  Have a glass of wine or cold beer while you wait.  Always makes the grilling more relaxing!  You can tell your Himalayan Salt block is hot enough when you  hold your hand about 4 inches above it and the heat is uncomfortable.

Use Caution When Grilling Salmon on a Himalayan Salt Block

Next I use my silicone grilling gloves to move the salt block to the bottom rack.  If you don’t have a top rack, you can always put the salt block to the side of the coals and out of the direct heat when heating the block.  I place the fish on the salt block and baste it once again.  Close the grill for about 4 minutes, turn salmon and repeat.

Once you remove salmon, you can scrape the salt block with your grilling brush and place the slices of fresh pineapple on it. Baste with leftover marinade and grill until lightly browned on both sides.  Yummy!

Please note that an 8 inch Himalayan Salt block will hold about 3 nice size Salmon Steaks. If you are feeding more than two you will need a larger salt block or perhaps two 8 inch Himalayan Salt Blocks.

Another important thing you may want to consider is it is difficult to move a salt block on and off a grill. They are heavy and cumbersome. I have a salt block plate like this one and you can get it here on Amazon.

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My best friend and I demonstrate how to cook Salmon on a Himalayan salt block in the video below.  Warning!  We had a few beers waiting for the salt block to get hot!

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