Himalayan Salt Foot Detoxification Blocks

If you have ever used Himalayan salt foot detoxification blocks, you have first hand evidence of their benefits on the body.  These blocks when warmed can relax the body and mind, remove impurities from your body gently, soften your feet and treat callouses and promote a general feeling of well being.   They can also be used on the hands to relieve aches associated with arthritis pain and carpel tunnel.

I love heating my salt detoxification blocks up and putting them under my desk while I work.  I have hard wood floors so this is a big bonus in the winter months as my feet always seem to be cold.

How do Himalayan Salt Foot Detoxification Blocks work

The Himalayan salt foot detoxification blocks first must be heated  You can do this in the microwave for 1 to 2 minutes or place them in your oven on about 200 for about 10 minutes.  If you have a fireplace, that is a perfect place to store them.  You want them hot, but not uncomfortably hot.   The warmth of the Himalayan salt foot detoxification blocks causes the feet to sweat.  Toxins are then pulled out as minerals from the salt are pulled in.  This decreases unhealthy acidity.

These blocks are anti microbial, and can be shared with other family members believe it or not.  This may be difficult for the germ phobics to comprehend, but really there is no worries.  To clean them, all you need is a damp cloth to wipe them off.  The do not store or grow bacteria.  Himalayan Salt is the purest salt on the planet and no need to worry about bacteria or germs.

If you have tired, sore or aching feet or heels, these Himalayan salt foot detoxification blocks can work wonders to ease the pain.  The detoxification of your body and the ions omitted in the air are just a plus.   One of the biggest complaints that I have read with these blocks is that some are not long enough.  The standard length for these blocks is 8 inches.  I order mine from the bath section of the Himalayan Salt Shop as theirs come a standard 10 inches.

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