Himalayan Salt for Horses-Your Horse and Salt!

Is Himalayan Salt for Horses a better option than the usual processed salts that are usually given to them?  Many horse lovers think so and swear that their horses prefer them.  Salt is important for horses, this we do know.  If you are into all natural, Himalayan salt for horses is the way to go.

Why Does the Taste of Himalayan Salt for Horses Matter?

Have you ever heard the saying “You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make him drink”.  Did you ever even wonder what that means?  While horses are like us when it comes to water body content, being over 2/3 water, the similarities end there.  As humans we get the “need” to drink pretty quickly when we become dehydrated.  A horse, not so much.

In a horses body, overheating is more urgent than dehydration.  A horse loses a lot more sodium in his sweat than we humans.  The result is he may lose 30 pounds or more of water with his natural body’s cooling system before he realizes he is even thirsty.   Then he doesn’t feel good and doesn’t want to drink.

Salt is like a trigger that makes the horse want to drink.  If he prefers the taste of natural mined salt, which most horses do, he will be more likely to eat it.  Then he naturally wants to drink.

Horses can be picky and many outright reject the processed or mineral salts we typically feed them. They don’t lick or eat the salt, he won’t drink and rehydrate.

Why Does My Horse Bite Chunks off of Himalayan Rock Salt for Horses.

Salt rocks were originally intended for Cattle.  Cows have rough tongues.  Horses do not.  If you horse is taking bites and chunks out of it, he most likely needs more of it.  He may not be getting enough licking alone.  A horse does have the ability to know what it’s body needs.  If you only have salt available in the form of a salt lick, there is a chance he isn’t getting enough.  You may want to add it to his diet in loose form.

What’s is different about Himalayan Salt for Horses?

Most salts you get for your horses is processed and kiln dried.  It’s bleached and chemicals are added to prevent it from caking or clumping.  Himalayan salt is in a natural state and completely unprocessed.

There are two places natural salt is mined and unprocessed.  You can get salt mined from Utah (Redmond Minerals) or Himalayan salt mined in Pakistan.  Both come in rock or granulated form and can be easily found and purchased from Amazon.

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