Do Himalayan Salt Lamps Work to Improve Your Indoor Air Quality

Do Himalayan salt lamps work when it comes to improving your indoor air quality?  Some  say there is no evidence.  Those that use them through out their home will beg to differ.

Himalayan salt lamps work by producing negative ions.  Negative ions are produced in nature.  Have you ever been outside during a thunderstorm or standing next to a water fall and felt exhilarated?  That is because of the negative ions being naturally produced.

Salt attracts moisture from the air.  If you doubt this open your salt shaker!  That’s why we put rice it it!  The way a Himalayan salt lamp works is the light bulb inside heats it up and causes this moisture to evaporate.  In this process is where negative ions are generated and released into the air.

Salt Lamps add Negative Ions

himalayan salt lamps and negative ions

Negative ions are known to improve air quality by balancing the electrical energy in our homes.  Computers, televisions and other electrical appliances omit positive ions that can drain our energy levels.  By adding negative ions to your environment, you change the quality of the air you breath.

The benefits of adding negative ions to your indoor air include a natural air freshener, your air just smells cleaner, reduction or elimination of allergens, dust, mold, and other pathogens that can affect your respiratory functions.  One customer has one by his bed and has reported his snoring has ceased to exist.

I have found those that say salt lamps don’t work have purchased one little lamp with the expectation that it would improve the quality of air in their entire house.  If you are only going to buy one little lamp, put it either by your bead or in your work space.  One 6 pound Himalayan salt lamp will work in a space about the size of an office cubicle. You need to know what size salt lamp you need for your room.

To get the maximum positive health benefits of a Himalayan salt lamp, you need to have one or two in every room depending on the size of the room.  This is a natural alternative to the expensive air ionizer that you see.  There is no maintenance, no filters to buy and they last forever unless you drop it on the floor and break it.  The only thing you will have to replace is the light bulb which is less than a couple bucks a year. Please note that if the lamp wattage is not high enough, your salt lamp can leak or sweat.

In addition to the healthy benefits of Himalayan salt lamps they are beautiful, ambient and aesthetically pleasing. Excellent additions to any room or spa.  They create a warm soft glow that add to any room.

You can purchase the beautiful salt lamps here at The Himalayan Salt Shop.  Please know I do receive a small commission from your purchase so thank  you in advance!




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