Himalayan Salt Deodorant Bar – A Natural Alternative

himalayan salt deodorant bar

If you are searching for an all natural alternative to store bought antiperspirants and deodorants,  a Himalayan salt deodorant bar is a perfect solution.  Himalayan salt used as deodorant kills odor causing bacteria without any chemicals or additives.

Deodorants bought in the commercial marketplaces contain Aluminum which is a metal.  It actually blocks your pores and stops flow of sweat to the skin’s surface.  Does that even sound healthy?  Many of these store bought deodorants also contain Parabens.  Many scientists believe both of these ingredients to be linked to  breast cancer though this is not yet proven.

Several years ago I developed this cyst under my arm that  had to be surgically removed.  It was very painful prior to removal.  It turned out to be an infected sweat gland.  After surgery, my doctor suggested I use no roll on antiperspirants and to switch to a spray on and use it sparingly.  He said my best bet was no deodorant of any kind what so ever.  In hind sight I wish I had known about these Himalayan Deodorant stones.  Had I used them instead, I may never have developed that painful underarm cyst in the first place.

One of the most popular Himalayan Salt Deodorant Bars is here.

Benefits of using Himalayan salt as Deodorant

  • These salt bars are not processed and come straight from the mines.  They are simply cut, carved, shaped and smoothed.
  • Himalayan Salt are antimicrobial and naturally kill bacteria, including bacteria that causes odor
  • Himalayan Salt does not clog your skin pores
  • Himalayan Salt helps maintain the pH balance of your skin
  • Invisible which means no residue on your skin or clothes

How to Use a Himalayan salt deodorant bar

himalayan salt as deodorantYou simply wet it and gently rub or pat under your arms. You can also apply it dry to already damp underarms, such as immediately after showering before you dry off.  Some salt bars are rougher in texture than others, so patting it will work fine.  If too course or rough, it could cause tiny scratches in skin.  Also if your skin is sensitive after shaving, you may want to wait a while before applying as it can burn for a bit on freshly shaved skin.

These himalayan salt stones or bars when combined with moisture leave an invisible film on your body that helps kill odor causing bacteria through out the day.

Many use a Himalayan salt deodorant bar for their feet as well.  This is a simple and healthy solution to foot odor and can help with the treatment of athletes foot for obvious reasons.

After use of the Himalayan Salt stone simply dry it off and keep it in a dry place.  Storage in a shower is not suggested though it can be used in the shower.  Always store it in a less humid environment to prevent crystallization.

 The Spice Lab’s 100% Pure Himalayan Salt HIMALAYAN SALT BATH SALT BAR, 9 OZ A Pair of Salt Under-Arm Deo-Bars Rock Salt Pure Deodorant Bar


What Size Himalayan Salt Lamp Do I Need

What Size Himalayan Salt Lamp Do I Need


A beautiful addition to any home decor is the Himalayan Salt Lamp.  These lamps however are more than just beautiful.  Himalayan salt lamps are said to have many health benefits.

The heat from the bulb causes the salt in the lamp to omit negative ions, which bond to the positive ions in the air (dust, pollutants) neutralizing them and naturally purifying the air.

To accomplish this more to the maximum efficiency,  what size Himalayan salt lamp do I need is something to be taken into consideration.

My bedroom for example is 12 x 12.  A 5 to 7 pound salt lamp will cover a small bedroom of about 10×10.  I am sure I could make do with just one by my bed, but I elected to purchase 2 Himalayan Salt Lamps.

I have a tv in my room.  Himalayan salt lamps combat electro-smog caused by electrical devices in your home.  If your room has a computer, tv or other electrical device, you may want to take this into consideration.  I could also have opted for just one larger salt lamp, say 9 to 11 pounds, but I really like the ambiance of the two.

 What size himalayan salt lamp do I need.

Below is a basic guide to consider when deciding:

10×10 sq. feet (small bedroom) -5-7 pounds

12×12 sq. feet (large bedroom) – 9 to 11 pounds

14×14 sq. feet (living room) – 13 to 17 pounds

20×20 sq. feet (recreational room) – 30 to 40 pounds

30×30 sq. feet (joined rooms & commercial spaces) – 40 to 50 pounds

why size salt lamp do I need

Cats Like Himalayan Salt Lamps Too!

Now of course if you have a larger room, you can buy several smaller lamps as opposed to one big one and spread them out.  I really think this is more effective if you happen to have an abundance of electrical outlets.

Some older homes however, are limited in the amount and placement of electrical outlets and one big one would work better for you.  You can buy these lamps in packages if you want to protect your entire home here at the Himalayan Salt Shop

One thing I love about my Himalayan Salt lamp aside from it’s just beautiful and creates a magical atmosphere with it’s ambient glow, is it acts as a natural deodorizer.

My home just smells fresher.  I leave mine on almost all the time. Note,  I also have pets and a salt lamp helps with that pet smell.  My daughters dog sleeps with her and her room does not smell like a dog!

Himalayan salt lamps are said to have great benefits for allergy sufferers as well and here in the south, it’s pollen season.

If you want a beautiful accent to your home that also has health and other benefits, A Himalayan salt lamp in the right size may be what you need.

Now you know what size salt lamp you need to buy.  I buy all my Himalayan salt lamps and other salt accessories at the Himalayan Salt Shop  

They specialize in this Himalayan salt industry alone and are a trusted source. Their salt lamps are authentic and no fake Himalayan Salt Lamps sold here.   I like that even if I buy a package of more than one, they are in individual boxes and I can give them away as gifts. Himalayan Salt Lamps make great gifts

And of course there is also Amazon and big box stores, but be careful.  There are a lot of fake salt lamps out there. I buy all of mine from the Himalayan Salt Shop.  I know they are the real deal and a trusted resource for all of my Himalayan salt needs.

 Small Medium Large Ex-Large


Himalayan Salt Gift Ideas for Christmas 2016

himalayan salt gift ideas

Himalayan sea salt gift ideas? Really? Yes Really. Himalayan salt comes in so many forms and is the perfect and unique gift for about anyone. From the Chef in your life, to a child that is scared of the dark. These gift ideas are sure to be loved and completely unexpected!

Himalayan Salt Block Gift Set


I absolutely love my salt blocks for cooking.  If you are looking for gift ideas for a Chef in your life, this is it.  You can use them stove top, in the oven or on a grill.  Since a salt block holds heat for longer periods of time, you can get it the right temperature and even cook right at your kitchen table.  They also make beautiful serving plates chilled for sushi and other cold appetizers.  For the Chef or Hostess with the mostest in your life, this is a winner.  Himalayan salt blocks for cooking make the perfect gift for the chef who has everything!


 Charcoal Companion Himalayan Salt Plate, Holder, Scraper & Recipe Book Set Charcoal Companion CC7167 Himalayan Salt Holder & Book Set, 8 x 12 Himalayan Salt Grinder Set, Stainless Steel Hand Grinder & Pink Himalayan Salt Block


Salt Lamps for Kids

Animal Shaped Salt Lamps for Kids

Kids love these animal shaped salt lamps.  The omit a soft light much like a nite lite.  They help charge the air with negative ions so not only do they offer a comforting light, these salt lamps improve the air quality.  Kids love them!


 100% Natual Authentic Himalayan Crystal Rock Salt Lamp – TURTLE  HIMALAYAN SALT HAND CRAFTED ANIMAL CAT SHAPE NATURAL SALT LAMP 100% Natual Authentic Himalayan Crystal Rock Salt Lamp – DOG SHAPE




My best friend bought one of these for her son’s room for Christmas and it was his most favorite gift.  He loved it.  He never turns his off!


Himalayan Salt Candle Holders

Heart Shaped!

heart shaped candle holders

The perfect gift for the romantic in your life.  For valentines day or any occasion, a heart shaped candle holder made from Himalayan sea salt is perfect.  It has a beautiful ambiance and also improves air quality.  Out of all the Himalayan Salt gift ideas this is one of my favorites.  What girl would not love one of these for a gift.

Suggest she put it in her bedroom for they give off the perfect ambient light for lovemaking. Oh so romantic!  Tell her she will be beautiful in the warm glow.  These beautiful heart shaped candle holders made of pure Himalayan Salt also have health benefits as well.

I have a set of four and they are placed in the bathroom, bedroom and kitchen!

Crystal Allies Gallery: CA SCH-HEART-2pc Pack of 2 Natural Himalayan Heart Shaped Salt Tealight Candle Holder Air Purifier & Ionizer w/ Authentic Crystal Allies Info Card2pc Pack of 2 Natural Himalayan Heart Shaped Salt Tealight Candle Holder Heart Salt Candleholder Hand Carved - Heart Shape Himalayan Crystal Salt 1 Tealight Candle HolderHeart Salt Candleholder Hand Carved – Heart Shape Himalayan Tealight Candle HolderFantasia Lighting: Pack of 4 Natural Himalayan Heart Shaped Salt Tealight Candle Holder - Top Grade Salt for Maximum Ionic Air Purifying BenefitsFantasia Lighting: Pack of 4 Natural Himalayan Heart Shaped Salt Tealight Candle Holder – Top Grade


Himalayan Salt Candle Holders in Natural Shapes

I also have these natural shaped Himalayan Salt Candle holders all over my house.  I love their ambient glow.  Not only are they beautiful, but these also have the added benefit of improving your air quality!

WBM Himalayan Glow Natural Style Hand Carved Natural Crystal Himalayan 1 Hole Tealight Candle Holder, 2-Pack  Natural Crystal Himalayan 1 Hole Tealight Candle Holder, 2-PackCrystal Allies Gallery: CA SCH-NAT-2pc Pack of 2 Natural Himalayan Salt Tea Light Candle Holder2pc Pack of 2 Natural Himalayan Salt Tea Light Candle Holder100% Himalayan Salt Natural Crystal Rock Tea Light Candle Holder100% Himalayan Salt Natural Crystal Rock Tea Light Candle Holder


Himalayan Salt Lamps

himalayan salt lamps Himalayan Salt lamps are just beautiful and can add a warm glowing atmosphere to any room.  They come in all sorts of shapes and sized and also have a positive effect on air quality.  I have three of these, and plan on getting at least 3 more.  As far as Himalayan Salt gift ideas, this one has to be the most popular.  This is one gift someone will never guess.

The receiver of this gift can shake the box til doomsday and will swear it’s a brick.  This are heavy and come packed tight!  What a most unusual gift!

Hand Carved Natural Crystal Himalayan Salt Lamp with Genuine Neem Wood Base, Bulb and Dimmer Control, 8-to-9-Inch, 8-to-11-PoundsHand Carved Himalayan Salt Lamp with Wood Base, Bulb and Dimmer Control, 8-to-9-Inch, 8-to-11-PoundsNatural Air Purifying Himalayan Salt Lamp with Salt Chunks, Bulb and Dimmer Control, Round Basket StyleNatural Air Purifying Himalayan Salt Lamp with Salt Chunks, Bulb and Dimmer Control, Round Basket StyleGreenco Natural Himalayan Rock Salt Lamp 6-11 lbs with Wood Base, Electric Wire, Dimmer Control & BulbGreenco Natural Himalayan Rock Salt Lamp 6-11 lbs with Wood Base, Electric Wire, Dimmer Control & Bulb


Himalayan Salt Shot Glasses

Do you have a cocktail connoisseur in your life?  These shot glasses make great gift ideas. These shot glasses are antimicrobial, so it’s okay if you don’t wash them with hot soapy water.  The will dissolve if you do.  You just rinse them out and dry them off!  You can even find recipes for these shot glasses.

Tequila Anyone? Just add lime, no salt needed!

Spice Lab Himalayan Salt Shot Glasses, Set of 4Spice Lab Himalayan Salt Shot Glasses, Set of 4Teikis, 4 Pack, 3 Inch Himalayan Shot Glasses With Wooden Holing Serving Tray 4 Himalayan Shot Glasses With WoodenServing TrayAuthentic Himalayan Salt Shot Glasses - 4 Pack!Authentic Himalayan Salt Shot Glasses – 4 Pack!


Himalayan Salt Foot Detox Blocks


This is the perfect Himalayan Salt gift idea for the person in your life who is on the go and especially the one who is on their feet a lot. You can use them while watching TV or working at your desk. These Himalayan salt foot detoxification blocks help detoxify your body and many people swear by them.

It is soothing and relaxing. This is something you can do while watching tv, sitting at your computer or any sit down activity. Do you have a loved one that stands on concrete floors all day. This is the perfect gift for them!

It is said these salt foot detox blocks remove harmful toxins that have build up in your body.  Some swear by them and say it works.  A few are still skeptical.  I think the best thing you can do is try it for yourself.    One thing all agree on, the warm salt blocks on your feet are the ultimate relaxation and they do help soften that tough skin on your feet.  Himalayan Foot blocks are a beauty treatment as well as a health treatment.

Himalayan Salt Cart Himalayan Salt Therapeutic Foot Tiles with Towels, 3 To 4 Lbs Each, 10 InchesHimalayan Salt Therapeutic Foot Tiles with Towels, 3 To 4 Lbs Each, 10 InchesHIMALAYAN SALT HALF DOME DETOX FOOT/HAND THERAPY LAMP with on/off switch (NEW)HIMALAYAN SALT HALF DOME DETOX FOOT/HAND THERAPY LAMP with on/off switch (NEW)Set of 2 Ionic Himalayan Crystal Salt Foot Detox Blocks with InstructionsSet of 2 Ionic Himalayan Crystal Salt Foot Detox Blocks with Instructions 8 inches


Pink Himalayan Bath Salts

Himalayan bath saltsPink Himalayan Bath salts are wonderful for a long soak in the bathtub.  They are relaxing, soothing and an excellent sleep aid.  A long soak in a bath with an ample amount of himalayan pink salt has many benefits. I do this at least twice a week and can’t even tell you how refreshed and wonderfully relaxed I feel afterwards.  You can read about the benefits of a Himalayan Salt Bath here.

I take baths in this luxury pure salt often and feel like a bowl of Jello when I get out.  My skin is hydrated and so soft and smooth when I do this regularly!

These pure Himalayan bath salts come in fine and course grain.  It’s really a preference.  The course grain does take longer to disolve in a bath, but is also excellent if you want to make a healthy salt brine, also known as Sole.  The fine grain works well if you want to make your own facial or body scrubs.

1 Kilo / 2.2 Pounds - Himalayan Pink Crystal Bath Sea Salt (Coarse Grain) Great for your next Bath - Imported by The Spice Lab1 Kilo / 2.2 Pounds – Himalayan Crystal Bath Sea Salt (Coarse Grain) Himalayan Crystal Bath Salt - Pink - Fast Dissolving (Fine Grain) By The Spice Lab 1 Klio / 2.2 PoundsHimalayan Crystal Bath Salt – Pink (Fine Grain) 1 Klio / 2.2 PoundsThe Spice Lab's Himalayan Bath Salt Stones - Natural - 2.2 LbsThe Spice Lab’s Himalayan Bath Salt Stones – Natural – 2.2 Lbs


Himalayan Sea Salt Scrub

himalayan sea salt body scrub

You can buy these already made or you can make your own.  After using this scrub for your face or entire body, your skin is moist, smooth and oh so soft.  I use this on my face at least twice a week.  It is amazing how my skin feels after using this scrub.  I do make my own and you can find the recipe for Himalayan sea salt scrub here.  If you want to give it away as a gift, you can make it and put it in a pretty glass container with a ribbon.

These are just a few Himalayan Salt gift ideas.  You can find most of these fantastic gifts here at the Himalayan Salt Shop or at Amazon!

Double Love Body Scrub with Himalayan Salt & Organic Lavender Essential Oils - Moisturizing and Exfoliating Sea Salt and Oil Scrub by Angel Face BotanicalsDouble Love Body Scrub with Himalayan Salt & Organic Lavender Essential Oils – Art Naturals Himalayan Salt Body Scrub 20oz - Deep Cleansing Exfoliator | With Shea Butter, Dead Sea Salt, Vitamin C & Essential Oils - Moisturizes, Nourishes Soothes & Promotes Glowing, Radiant SkinHimalayan Salt Body Scrub 20oz – With Shea Butter, Vitamin C & Essential Oils – Majestic Pure Himalayan Salt Body Scrub with Lychee Essential Oil, All Natural Scrub to Exfoliate & Moisturize Skin, 12 ozMajestic Pure Himalayan Salt Body Scrub with Lychee Essential Oil, All Natural Scrub, 12 oz


Himalayan Salt Spa Set

Himalayan Salt Cart Himalayan Salt Spa Package of 1 LB Himalayan Pink Bath Salts, Himalayan Salt Heart-shaped Purifying/Massage Stone and Himalayan Salt Candle Holder in a Decorator BagHimalayan Salt Spa Package

This is the ultimate Himalayan Salt Gift.  I would love it!

This package contains:

  • 1 pound fine grain bath salt
  • 1 Himalayan Salt Candle Holder
  • 1 Himalayan Salt Massage Stone



Didn’t find the perfect gift yet for your Himalayan Salt Fan?


Find More Himalayan Gift Ideas at the Himalayan Salt Shop

Drink Recipes for Himalayan Salt Shot Glasses

Drink Recipes for Himalayan Salt Shot Glasses

Himalayan sea salt shot glasses (say that fast three times) are designed for immediate consumption.  Liquid dissolves salt as you guessed.  Himalayan salt however doesn’t dissolve as fast as your everyday table salt.  The reason you want to drink it rather quickly is that it might be too salty to the taste if you wait.  Allowing it to set for just a short time, less than a minute, the salt can add an amazing flavor to shots! Below I have shared a few of my favorite drink recipes for Himalayan salt shot glasses.

Tequila Shot in a Himalayan Salt Shot Glass

1 oz tequila (I prefer Patron )
1 Lime Wedge

Pour tequila in chilled shot glass, swish a time or two, shoot and suck the lime.  No salt needed! Himalayan Salt Shot Glasses are perfect for Tequila Shots!

Salted Caramel Apple

Oh just yum!

1 oz Sour Pucker Schnapps
3/4 oz Butterscotch Schnapps

Mix in shaker with ice, strain and pour into chilled Himalayan Salt Shot Glass.  The salt gives this shot a unique palatable flavor.

Almond Kiss Himalayan Salt Shot Glass

1 oz Amaretto
1 oz Chocolate liqueur

Mix and strain into salt shot glasses

Royal Flush in a Himalayan Salt Shot Glass

This is my favorite all time shot and it when served in a Himalayan salt shot glass, the sweet and salty mix together perfectly!

1 oz. Crown Royal
1 oz. Schnapps, peach
2 oz. Cranberry Juice

Mix, shake, strain and serve in Chilled Himalayan Salt Glasses!

This shot is easily enough for 2 or even 3 people. This is a potent one so be careful.


1.5 oz Vodka
.75 oz Triple sec
.75 oz Lime juice

Mix, shake and strain into Himalayan shot glass! This one can be split two ways!

How to clean Himalayan Salt Shot Glasses

Simply wipe clean. Himalayan salt is anti-microbial. If you must rinse, do it quickly and wipe dry!




 Himalayan Salt Shot Glasses, Set of 4 Pink Salt Glasses Himalayan Salt Tequila Shot Glass Set With Salt Plate Himalayan Salt Tequila Shot Glass Set With Wooden Serving Tray

Homemade Sea Salt Body Scrub Recipe

Homemade Sea Salt Body Scrub Recipe

Why spend $15.00 or more on a body scrub that only last a month or so when you can make your own homemade sea salt body scrub in unlimited amounts for a lot less. It’s simple and takes less than five minutes to do. I often make them in batches and then I always have them on hand to give away as gifts. It only takes two ingredients, three if you want it scented.

All ingredients are not created equal. I use only Himalayan pink sea salt in my homemade sea salt body scrub. For starters, it’s not processed, it’s all natural and has vital trace minerals in it. Anything you put on your skin is absorbed by the body. I have become very conscious of everything that I put on my body now, including the shampoo and makeup I use. You can get Himalayan salt at any health food store, Amazon or order like I do from a store that specializes in Himalayan Sea salt. I shop at The Himalayan Salt Shop.

The table sea salt by the way is more course. It can actually leave very fine cuts on your skin that you can’t see with the naked eye.

I use Coconut oil for a base. Sure there are other oils that you could use, but Coconut is my favorite. I use a gold label virgin Coconut oil that I buy on Amazon, but you can find some that is a lot cheaper than this one.

Homemade Sea Salt Body Scrub Recipe

1 Cup Coconut Oil
3/4 Cup Himalayan Sea Salt (fine ground)
1/2 tsp. Essential Oil of your choice (optional)

Just put above ingredients in a bowl and mix together. Transfer to the glass or plastic container of your choice. The glass ones are prettier and make nicer gifts by the way.

Depending on the temperature in your house you may find the coconut oil thick and harder to work with. I just put it in the microwave for a short time or if I happen to be cooking, I let it sit on the stove for a short time.

Another thing when you are using this if the temp in your house is cooler, you may find it thick. I place my jar in the bottom of the shower while I am lathering up my hair and it gets to the perfect consistency by the time I am ready to use it. I have found I only have this issue in the winter months, but my skin is more dry in the winter so it’s a weekly must for me.


 Himalayan Salt Scrub – Double Love Body Scrub Tree Hut Himalayan Salt Scrub,



Cooking Steak on a Himalayan Salt Block

Cooking Steak on a Himalayan Salt Block

Tonight I will be cooking steak on a Himalayan Salt Block. Seriously, since I discovered cooking on a salt block, I rarely do it any other way. In the summer months I use it on the grill but tonight, I will be doing it in my kitchen as it’s winter here. I will be using a lean sirloin cut.

Many prefer a more marbled cut such as a Rib eye. The one thing you need to keep in mind here is if your steak cut has little to no fat, you will want to use some oil in your marinade. Not so much with a more fatty cut. You see the fat or the oil acts as a barrier and prevents your meat from soaking up too much of the salty flavor. This is one of the five things you must know about cooking on a Himalayan Salt Block

Steak Marinating Recipe for Salt Block Cooking

1/4 cup olive oil

1/2 cup low sodium soy sauce

1tbs brown sugar

garlic salt


Remove, put on a plate and serve. Note, a London Broil works beautifully on a Himalayan Salt Block. Cooking steak on a Himalayan Salt Block is really easy and has more flavor that just cooking in the oven or stove top.

I buy all my salt blocks at the Himalayan Salt Shop here.
Salt Block Cooking: 70 Recipes for Grilling, Chilling, Searing, and Serving on Himalayan Salt BlocksI put this in a ziplock bag with my steaks and marinate them for a couple hours before cooking and leave it out of the refrigerator. For best results, your steak should be room temperature. Of course you can marinate overnight and then take it out and bring to room temp before cooking.

I slowly heat my Himalayan salt block in the oven, starting at about 200 degrees. Rapid heating will cause it to crack. Every 15 minutes or so, I raise the temperature in the oven until my salt block is about 450 degrees. I usually put the salt block on a baking sheet of some sort for ease of moving it out of the oven. These salt blocks are heavy and can be hard to manage. The baking sheet also catches any drippings.

When my salt block is heated, I take it out of the oven and place it on top of the stove. No need to turn the stove burners on because the block will retain heat far longer than it takes to cook the steak. Depending on the thickness of my steak, usually about 1 1/2 inch, I sear both sides for about 2 minutes each. I like mine pretty rare.

If you have some veggies prepped, the salt block will stay hot enough for you to saute these as well and ta da, you have a complete meal cooked on a salt block.

Remove, put on a plate and serve. Note, a London Broil works beautifully on a Himalayan Salt Block. Cooking steak on a Himalayan Salt Block is really easy and has more flavor that just cooking in the oven or stove top.


Must Have Tools for cooking on a Himalayan Salt Block

Himalayan Salt Blocks are heavy and cumbersome, not to mention how hot they need to be to cook on.  I found out the hard way that a dish towel or your typical post holder will NOT protect you from the heat.  You should have seen me running from the grill toting that salt block with the nice perfect steaks on it last summer.  I almost dropped it because it was really that hot.

Below are tools to make it easier and in my opinion are must haves if you are going to be cooking on a salt block regularly!



 Charcoal Companion Salt Block Protective Case Charcoal Companion CC3526 Salt Plate Holder, 12.4 by 8.4 Ekogrips Highest Heat Resistant Silicone Oven Gloves


Cooking On Himalayan Salt Blocks- 5 Must Knows

Cooking On Himalayan Salt Blocks- 5 Must Knows

There are some basic must knows about cooking on Himalayan salt blocks. For starters many are concerned about it making the food too salty. If you know the basics of Himalayan salt block cooking you don’t have to worry about that. Below are 5 things that you simply must know for cooking on a salt block. You can use your pink Himalayan salt block for grilling, stovetop or in the oven.

1. What size Himalayan Salt Block do I need for cooking

First it should be at least 1 1/2 inch thick, but preferably 2. Mine is 8×8 which holds about 2 steaks or 3 pieces of fish. If you typically feed more people, you may want a one that is a bit bigger like the 12x8x2 salt blocks.  For even larger gatherings you can get a 16x8x2 Salt Block Remember these are heavy and the bigger the more difficult it may be to work with.

2. How to Heat your Himalayan Salt Block .

Salt blocks have moisture in them due to the pureness of them. They must be heated slowly. If you heat it too quickly, it will crack and break. Place it in the oven on about 200. Gradually turn up the heat in the oven until you reach about 450. In essence, you are preheating the block. You can also do this on the stove top starting on low and slowly turning up the heat.

If you are grilling, I suggest you preheat it in the oven while your grill is getting hot or while you are prepping the food. If you must warm it on the grill, place it to the side away from the heat. If you have a gas grill, just ignite one burner and place it to the side that is not lit. If charcoal, perhaps the top shelf of the grill with the grill left open.

3. Get your Himalayan Salt Block hot, really hot

Your salt block needs to be really hot, as in about 500 degrees. This causes searing of the food and an outer crust to form and keeps the salt from seeping into the food and being over salty. Many who have experience food being too salty on a salt block simply haven’t gotten it hot enough and end up just marinating the food in salt.

A way to test if it is hot enough is to drop a bit of water onto it. If it sizzles, dances and disappears instantly, it’s hot enough!

4. Do you need oil to cook on Himalayan Salt Blocks

This really does depend on what you are cooking and mainly I am thinking steak. If your cut of meat has little fat, you want to rub it down with some peanut oil or other high temp resistant oil. Fat creates a barrier between the meat and the salt block, preventing over saltiness. If you have a really lean cut such as sirloin, I would rub it down in a bit of oil. It if is a more marbled cut such as a Ribeye, the fat in the meat will create it’s own natural barrier.

When cooking fish or any type of seafood, I always give it a light coat of oil.

I must mention here one huge benefit of grilling on a salt block. The flames can’t come up and burn your food because the salt block is between the flames and the food. When the fat drips off the block, the flames don’t burn your food up. This is great when cooking chicken with the skin on. How many times have you totally burnt the skin of chicken?

5. Protect Yourself when cooking on Himalayan Salt Blocks

They are heavy and they are hot. A simple dish towel will not do it. I found this out the hard way carrying mine into the house from the grill. I had to turn around run like a maniac half way to the door and put it back on the grill. Ouch. Get a silicone gloves please. I have since bought a salt plate holder from Amazon that makes moving it around so much easier. Trust me you don’t want to drop this block on your toes.

Cooking on Himalayan Salt blocks is divine. You need little seasoning and this pure exotic salt brings out and accentuates the natural flavor of foods. I buy all of my Himalayan salt blocks here at the Himalayan Salt Shop.


 Charcoal Companion CC3526 Salt Plate Holder Perfect for the Grill Silicone Heat Resistant Grilling BBQ Gloves Set: #1 Best Value   Grill Basting Brush – 12 Inch Stainless Steel Handle With Silicone Bristles –


Homemade Himalayan Sea Salt Scrub Recipe

Homemade Himalayan Sea Salt Scrub Recipe

There is nothing like a homemade salt scrub to make your skin feel silky and oh so nourished.  You can make a homemade facial salt scrub or you can make more of it and use it on your entire body.  Regardless the homemade sea salt scrub recipe I am going to share can be reduced or increased in quantity.  I have bought pretty little jars and made a big batch and split it up as it makes a great gift!

All salts are not created equal!

You may have noticed that the title of this article says Himalayan Sea Salt Scrub.  There is a reason for that.   Table salt is too coarse and actually leaves tiny cuts on the skin.  It’s simply to abrasive.  Your regular sea salt that you buy at the grocery has been processed as well.  It also actually can dehydrate you where as Himalayan sea salt actually hydrates your skin tissues.

Himalayan Salt has 84 trace minerals and is completely natural.  It has not been exposed to any additives or pollutants.  This untreated salt is of a high crystalline structure which means it’s healthy minerals can be absorbed by the skin on a cellular  level.  To sum it up, a sea salt scrub made with Himalayan salt is pure.  Himalayan salt is the purest salt on earth.

You will need a oil base for this Himalayan salt scrub recipe

 16-oz glass – Gold Label Organic Virgin Coconut Oil – 1 pint

About any type of organic oils will do. You can use grape seed oil, olive oil, almond oil or jojoba oil. My favorite is coconut oil. Click here to find out why all coconut oil is not created equal. Coconut oil however is not the easiest to use because it tends to change consistency with the rise and fall of temperatures. I have set it on my stove while I was cooking in the winter months and this made it easier to work with. In warmer climate, this won’t be an issue. Also note that if it hardens after you make your homemade sea salt scrub, it’s not really a problem because the warmth of your skin melts is away.

Himalayan Salt Scrub Recipe

1 cup Finely ground Himalayan Sea Salt

1/2 cup oil

About 10 drops of essential oil of your choice (optional) You can get fine essential oils here!

Just mix all ingredients together in a bowl, message onto skin and rinse with cool water.  You will immediately feel the difference in your skin.  If you use this homemade sea salt scrub recipe about two to three times a week, you will see a major improvement in your skin’s appearance and elasticity.  Enjoy!

You can find this fine Himalayan salt at the Himalayan Salt Shop under the bath salts tab.  Please make sure you order it in a fine grade.


 Farberware 4-Piece Square Glass Jars Set with Hanging Glass Lid

Sherpa Pink Gourmet Himalayan Salt (5lb Bag Extra-Fine Grain)



Himalayan Salt Foot Detoxification Blocks

Himalayan Salt Foot Detoxification Blocks

If you have ever used Himalayan salt foot detoxification blocks, you have first hand evidence of their benefits on the body.  These blocks when warmed can relax the body and mind, remove impurities from your body gently, soften your feet and treat callouses and promote a general feeling of well being.   They can also be used on the hands to relieve aches associated with arthritis pain and carpel tunnel.

I love heating my salt detoxification blocks up and putting them under my desk while I work.  I have hard wood floors so this is a big bonus in the winter months as my feet always seem to be cold.

How do Himalayan Salt Foot Detoxification Blocks work

The Himalayan salt foot detoxification blocks first must be heated  You can do this in the microwave for 1 to 2 minutes or place them in your oven on about 200 for about 10 minutes.  If you have a fireplace, that is a perfect place to store them.  You want them hot, but not uncomfortably hot.   The warmth of the Himalayan salt foot detoxification blocks causes the feet to sweat.  Toxins are then pulled out as minerals from the salt are pulled in.  This decreases unhealthy acidity.

These blocks are anti microbial, and can be shared with other family members believe it or not.  This may be difficult for the germ phobics to comprehend, but really there is no worries.  To clean them, all you need is a damp cloth to wipe them off.  The do not store or grow bacteria.  Himalayan Salt is the purest salt on the planet and no need to worry about bacteria or germs.

If you have tired, sore or aching feet or heels, these Himalayan salt foot detoxification blocks can work wonders to ease the pain.  The detoxification of your body and the ions omitted in the air are just a plus.   One of the biggest complaints that I have read with these blocks is that some are not long enough.  The standard length for these blocks is 8 inches.  I order mine from the bath section of the Himalayan Salt Shop as theirs come a standard 10 inches.

Himalayan Salt DetoxerHimalayan Salt Detoxer



Himalayan Sea Salt Shot Glasses – Tequila Anyone!

Himalayan Sea Salt Shot Glasses – Tequila Anyone!

Himalayan salt shot glasses

Himalayan Sea Salt shot glasses are the perfect addition to your bar supplies.  The are crafted from the purest salt on earth, pink salt from the Himalayan Mountains.  These sea salt shot glasses are perfect for Tequila!  No need for that messy salt, just add a lime wedge and serve.  They give the perfect amount of salt in every shot.  The added bonus is that Himalayan Sea Salt is so much better for you than your standard bar salt.  The glasses can be chilled in the freezer which is awesome.

 Himalayan Salt Shot Glasses, Set of 4 FDA Approved Pink Salt Glasses

Himalayan sea salt shot glasses have unique thermal properties which means they hold their temperature much longer than your standard shot glasses made of glass. This opens up a whole new world to create drinks as you can chill them or heat them up in the microwave or oven. These shot glasses are not limited to Tequila alone. I suggest trying some sweeter shots in them as well for they add a unique and distinct taste! An added bonus is that they are very aesthetically pleasing.

They are meant for shots and not drinks that you sip on. As you might have guessed, liquid does dissolve salt. That being said, the shot should be consumed pretty quickly. Also if you allow it to sit too long, the shot will absorb too much of the salt and the taste may be overwhelming. Done right however, the salt can make the perfect shot!

How To Clean Himalayan Salt Shot Glasses

If you are wondering how do you clean these shot glasses, the answer is pretty simple.  Himalayan Sea Salt is anti-microbial and germs just won’t live on it.  So in order to clean your Himalayan Sea Salt Shot Glasses, all you need to do is wipe them down with a damp cloth and you are done.

Himalayan sea salt shot glasses make the perfect gift for the liquor connoisseur.   They are on sale right now at the Himalayan Salt Shop.

 Salt Rox Pink Himalayan Salt Shot Glass Himalayan Salt Shot Glass Himalayan Salt Tequila Shot Glass Set